The concept behind 640v started back over a year ago in discussions between a group of friends that were disillusioned with what they saw as the as exploitation of both customers and production workers, engaged with and employed by big business, with the sole purpose of making excessively large sums of money directly from this exploitation.


The idea of operating a business based upon a more ethical model appealed and from that idea 640V was born. A significant Influence upon the concept, and the branding for 640V, came from our friend, Matthew Lusted, who now has very sadly passed on and is no longer able to see what he inspired actually take shape. His passing has unfortunately been the catalyst for our movement and we are determined to make it a success in his memory.


We are more of a movement than a company (although formally registered as one). A group of young individuals that want to help change our own lives and through our efforts, have a positive impact upon the lives of disadvantaged young people in any way we can. We have gathered a team of young people in our area that want to ‘do something different’ with their lives and do so in a way that helps others outside of our movement.


The principle way we intend to do this is by immediately committing a minimum of 20% any profits made through our activities to charitable causes. We say a minimum mainly because our first product, a limited edition branded tshirt in memory of our friend Matthew, will have all profits donated to a charity of the family’s choice.


Beyond this first step, we have developed a range of clothing items that we hope will be the start of a wider movement that will follow our basic principles. Individual products will be developed in future and some will be dedicated to raising money for specific causes. Initially, these products will cover clothing and music (the first elements are in production now), but may branch out into other areas as 640V grows.


Please support us and help us have a positive impact upon the lives of people that sometimes struggle to help themselves in difficult circumstances.